Friday, April 8, 2011

The Youngest Rider.

   There is most certainly the youngest and the oldest riders out there.
   However the youngest rider out there is a young boy. His name is Travis Pastrana and is only 15years old. At this young age, he's done a lot of things kids our age don't do, like being a pro motocross rider.
   Not only that but he's also known for creating his own tricks that both men and women can't do.
    Travis Pastrana is known for being the first to complete a double blackflip not only in competitions, but on films as well If you don't believe me, check his film that goes by the name of  Nitro Circus 3.
    Not only this bt he has competed in some of the biggest motocross competitions in the industry. For example the X Games.
    There of course, he won the gold medal for the Moto X Best Trick. He was happy because he was the youngest competitor at the X Games in history to win this GOLD MEDAL. ( Psst , he does this with snow mobiles, skateboards,monster trucks and little vans [; )
     On the contrary, he was just like us because he still had to go to high school and keep up with all his classes or else he would have been grounded by his mom.
  Oh, and I forgot to mention that he is known for being the youngest to win the gold medal overall in the X Games and he has tallied a lot of  gold medals along the way just like a regular pro.
    Being such a young rider, he has taught me a lot.
     For instance that age shouldn't be a deciding factor in the world of competition or regular life. And of course to live this age to the fullest because it't true what my mom says that Travis has been able to prove right. Your only this age ONCE so have fun !
    So now , is Travis Pastrana great or not ? In my eyes, he is defiently with out a doubt in my mind the greatest ♥

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